A    G    G    R    E    G    A    T    E

Meagen Crawford

aligned presence and companion

every so often your physical manifestation
the young expression on your lowered grin
still having no access to permanence, we are
waiting again to transform into that which
understands it has no parts

the unsettled past of the visual sphere
can always be looked into
tender components sea lodged, sponged up with
life’s ejecta
in the yard of the body

there is no seen point is the purpose of magnification

altercations washed and folded
in like waves, out
a dissatisfied temperature

to have not appeared anywhere previously

the facets of my presence could be similar and hidden

as it is your motion to cause whole settings to flee
it is mine to resupply the setting
carefully putting back each and every action

you are always in some sense camping out near my routine
in a makeshift community which has a certain haze of joy, lit up like after
it rains
and then there is a pit
I see you climbing out
of in the evenings after
having carried out studies
that look to be archaeological in nature
making hallways disappear, lights dim
not as a ghost you laugh as the estranged as representative
of the moments
I am sure I left something behind in
near sighted,
we took turns watching each other step out of our lives
and experience time
funneled only towards our search
MEAGEN CRAWFORD lives in Nashville where she co-edits 'Pider (pidermag.com) and paints interpretations of her feelings (bluhz.com).